Welcome to iFATH - Indian Finance & Accounting Training Hub.

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Indian Finance and Accounting Training Hub

We Provide a Complete Practical Training on Accounting, GST, Income Tax, Banking & Investments, at your own place, in HINDI-CUM-ENGLISH Language.

Welcome to iFATH Institute, where we empower individuals with comprehensive Financial Education and Practical Skills. Founded by seasoned Chartered Accountants, our Institute originated from a keen observation of the Challenges faced by Businessmen and aspiring Accountants in navigating Taxation, Accounting, and financial decisions.

Since our humble beginnings in 2015 when we conducted Physical sessions, we have now evolved into a leading Online presence since 2021, catering to a diverse range of audiences, including Businessmen, Job-seekers, Housewives, and Students.

Our Mission is to equip individuals with the necessary Financial Knowledge and Skills to excel in both Personal Finance and Business Finance, enhancing Job opportunities and overall financial well-being.

About Our Training:

At iFATH Institute, we offer a wide range of Workshops, Webinars, Beginner and Advanced Training courses both Offline and Online. With a track record of serving over 3,000 finance enthusiasts, our courses cover essential topics such as Accounting, Tally, GST, Income Tax, Banking, and Investments.

Our Training programmes are meticulously crafted and delivered by professional Chartered Accountants, ensuring Conceptual learning, Legal and Practical application in an easily understandable blend of Hindi and English.

Our Vision:

For Business People & Business Planners:

- Empower businessmen to excel in the financial aspect of their business, reducing dependency on staff or consultants.

- Equip them to seamlessly integrate financial management with their technical expertise, ensuring holistic business leadership.

For Job Seekers & Existing Employees:

- Elevate individuals beyond traditional accounting roles, transforming them into indispensable assets for their organizations.

- Provide them with comprehensive financial acumen to contribute significantly to their workplace's success.

For Housewives:

- Enable housewives to extend their competency from managing family affairs to overseeing financial matters proficiently.

- Those involved in family businesses will be equipped to actively contribute to the financial management of the enterprise.

For Others in General:

- Foster financial literacy among all individuals, empowering them to maintain personal accounts effectively.

- Provide insights into how taxation impacts savings, enabling informed financial decision-making and planning.

Our Vision: “Empowering Careers, Enabling Business Autonomy"

A Conceptual, Legal & Practical training led by Chartered Accountants