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Enroll for iFATH's Finance Essentials Training Program to gain vital knowledge about finance-related documents used in everyday life, such as income tax returns, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, bank statements, and more. This 10-hour program is designed to empower homemakers, students, doctors, engineers, and professionals from various streams, ensuring they can comprehend and effectively utilize these documents when needed. The program also covers essential information on GST and income tax, providing participants with crucial insights into taxes that directly or indirectly affect everyone.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your financial understanding and make informed decisions for a better financial future.

Course Duration 10 Hours
Modules / Contents of Training
  1. 1. Accounting - the Real World Insights
  2. 2. GST a Structural Overview
  3. 3. Income Tax - Know What you Pay!
  4. 4. Banking and Investments

Know More About FETP

Who is Eligible to Join? Any person of any age, whether running business or doing job or students, who has completed Senior Secondary from any stream – Commerce, Science, or Arts.

Time and Place of this Training You will be able to attend this training from your own Place, at your convenient Time.