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Answer to all your Question is Here.!

To join Trainings at iFATH, there is no age restriction. There is no minimum educational qualification required. BUT YES, you must have a basic knowledge to operate Computer.

You may be from any age group (Student or Youth or Senior Citizen); You may be educated from any stream (Science, Arts or Commerce); You may be in Business or Job or you may be doing nothing. In any case, you are eligible to take Training at iFATH.

Just as Finance is for Everyone. In the same way, the Financial Training at iFATH is also for Everyone.

There are 3 important reasons, which induced us to conduct the training Online:

  1. - Online Training provides you flexibility of Time. You can easily attend the Training even in your busy routine. To know how, you can contact us.
  2. - Now-a-days, all financial work is to be done Online, whether it is related to Accounting or Taxation or Banking etc. So, when the work is to be done Online, then, its Training should also be Online.
  3. - Moreover, Online training can  be attended from any Place. Even while you are travelling, or you are outside your home place, you can utilise your time.

Firstly, the price you pay here, is your one-time Investment, which will give you benefit throughout the Life.

Secondly, the knowledge you get from this course, can Save lakhs of your money. It can multiply your income.

Finally, the price you pay here is insignificant, when you compare it with the huge knowledge you get.

You can surely attend this Training even in your busy schedule.

Our Training is designed in such a way that it is equally comfortable for a Student, a Housewife and a Working person. To know the training schedule, you may contact us.

Yes, on successful completion of Training, you get a Certificate, which helps you get a Good Job in Finance area.

If You join this Course, you will be able to take Better Financial decisions, save more money and escape from penalties.

If Your Accounting Staff joins this course, they will get Professionally trained and become more efficient & updated.

Though you will need a CA for your business, but should you be totally dependent on your CA and Accountants for all your financial decisions & compliances? No.

If you are not from Commerce, this Course is a Blessing for you. Through this Training, you get essence of Commerce Education that is useful in Practical life. .

We provide the Training right from scratch, so you will not face any issue, whatsoever.

First of all, all sessions of training are so well-explained and elaborated, that there are rare chances of any queries arising.

Still, in case any queries arise, we have a proper system to address them.

There are live interactive sessions to take up your doubts.

You can personally contact the trainers and you get active responses throughout the training.

Team iFATH always ensures that Age does not become a barrier in learning.

So, whatever may be your age, but if you have a will to learn finance, there is no restriction for you. We assure you that you will have a great experience with us.

BUT YES, to attend this training, you must have basic knowledge to operate Computer.

You can personally contact the trainers and you get active responses throughout the training.

Our Vision: “Empowering Careers, Enabling Business Autonomy"

A Conceptual, Legal & Practical training led by Chartered Accountants